Updated: 26-Apr-16

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Cabriolets on Television

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Cabriolets in Movies

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Cabriolets in Books

Title: The Fallen

Author: T. Jefferson Parker

Publication Date: March, 2006

ISBN: 0060562382

Cabriolet Products

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Cabriolets in Puzzles

Click here for Variety Puzzles' Logic Problem from April 2011 (it's pretty easy, but if you get desperate, here's the answer key.)

Celebrity Owners of Cabriolets

Heather Tom

Ethel Kennedy

Jason Cammisa

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Jeremy Irons

Because I've received a number of submissions for this film, I need to make a little FYI: The red convertible used in the bridge rescue scene in Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015) is not a Volkswagen Cabriolet.  It is a Talbot Samba Cabriolet, built by Pininfarina from 1981-1985 for the PSA Group (subsidiary of Peugeot).  Just 13,062 of these convertibles were built as it could not compete with the car it tried to copy, the Golf I Cabriolet.

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Cabriolets on TV

Cabriolets in Movies

Cabriolet Products

Cabriolets in Puzzles

Celebrity Owners

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