Updated: 25-Aug-19

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Interior/Upholstery Styles

Seat Style Guide

Upholstery styles

Upholstery - Beige     Upholstery - Black     Upholstery - Blue     Upholstery - Gray     Upholstery - Green     Upholstery - Red     Upholstery - White

What determines seat color?

Seat types


Sport Bucket


For many models, the cloth sport bucket seats were an optional upgrade over the standard bucket seats. Likewise, the cloth standard bucket seats were sometimes an optional "downgrade" if buyers did not want cloth sport bucket seats. Keep this in mind as you browse the various upholstery pages.

Interior code

The interior code can be found on the car's build sheet sticker, which is on the crossbar in the trunk (if the car still has it).