Updated: 25-Aug-19

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Cabriolet Models


The years listed are model years, not calendar years.

Reminder: No such thing as a Karmann Edition!!!!!!

The GTI:

While the North American 1984+ convertibles received GTI components, they were never, ever sold, marketed, or factory-badged as GTIs.

On mainland Europe, the GTI-equivalent of the Golf Cabriolet was the GLI trim level, which received the GTI's high-performance DX engine.  

In the UK, however, the convertible did receive a GTI trim level with the following Golf Cabriolet models:

The Quartett, Sportline, and Rivage models were sold only as GTI's.  Additionally, until modern times, the Quartett was not referred to as such; it was called simply a Golf Cabriolet GTI.

As a result of the above, there is and will be no GTI-dedicated page.

*Not known as such; refer to the Sondermodell page.

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