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Cabriolet Model: Sondermodells


Standard Equipment–-—-—-—-—-—-—–-—–-—-—–-—––-—-—-—––-—-—-—–-—–-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—–—––––––-—-—-—-—–-—-—–


*GTI: UK only


Interior & Electrical:

Optional Equipment–-—-—-—-—-—-—–-—–-—-—–-—––-—-—-—––-—-—-—–-—–-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—–—––––––-—-—-—-—–-—-—––


Color Combinations–-—-—-—-—-—-—–-—–-—-—–-—––-—-—-—––-—-—-—–-—–-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—–—––––––-—-—-—-—–-—-—––




Model M-code(s):


Helios Blue: M-725

Original MSRP:

Model Trivia:

"Sonder" is German for "special".  Thus, these are special models.

Offered at the beginning of Summer 1984.

All Sonders shown here were produced in very limited number for the '84/'85 model year, except for Helios, which continued through 1986.  Almond Beige and Firnblau are extremely rare.

The Havanna and Helios Blue Sondermodells are not to be confused with the 1985 Havanna and Azur models; the latter two come with completely different interiors from the Sonders.

Volkswagen gave the Helios Blue Sondermodell the nickname "Mr. Moon" in January 1986.

While the Sonder brochure shows and lists white and black special models, these are listed on their own pages: White Edition, Black Edition.