Updated: 25-Aug-19

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Model: Golf Cabriolet Sportline


Model Information

All Sportlines sold in the UK were GTIs.  The UK Sportlines did not come with the traditional Sportline 3-spoke steering wheel but, instead, came with the standard 4-spoke found on most other Cabriolet models.

A UK brochure (owned by Olivier in France) shows Jasmine Yellow as a third color; however, no Jasmine Yellow Sportlines have been found.  It's possible Volkswagen scrapped the yellow option after the brochure was printed, or the Jasmine color was merely a misprint.

Scale model available in red.

New replacement decals available on UK eBay.

Original MSRP

Model M-code(s)


M/T: DM 36,470

A/T: DM 37,745




Standard Equipment

Optional Equipment


  • Europe: 2H engine with Digifant fuel injection
  • UK: DX with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection (1992); JH with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection (1993)
  • AUG 5-speed manual transmission
  • Sport suspension (lowering springs with equivalent shock absorbers and 4-point lower anti-sway bar)


  • Power-assisted vinyl convertible top
  • Color-matched mirror housings
  • Black VW grille emblem
  • Green-glazed glass
  • Sportline decal on each rear lower quarter panel, behind doors
  • 15" BBS RA black-spoke alloy wheels

Interior & Electrical

  • Front Recaro seats with height adjust
  • Front power windows
  • MFA instrument cluster with red gauge needles
  • Leather-wrapped, red-accented, 3-spoke steering wheel, as well as gearshift & e-brake boots
  • Gamma stereo-cassette anti-theft radio with 6 amplified speakers

  • TNA 3-speed automatic transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • Cruise control

Color Combinations & Codes




Paint: Black, L041

Roof: Black

Paint: Black, L041

Roof: Black

Interior Code: 06

Carpet: Black

Paint: Flash Red, LP3G

Roof: Black

Paint: Flash Red, LP3G

Roof: Black

Interior Code: 06

Carpet: Black

Design Details

Decal - red model

Decal - black model

Steering Wheel / Instrument Cluster