Updated: 25-Aug-19

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Mechanical Specifications

Engine Specifications

Transmission Specifications

Speed Specifications

Torque Specifications

Structural Specifications

Chassis Dimensions

Body Dimensions

Weight Specifications

1980-1984 (North America)

With A/C and manual trans: 2,236 - 2,276 pounds

1984.5-1985 (North America)

With A/C and manual trans: 2,276 pounds

1986-1987 (North America)

With A/C and manual trans: 2,254 pounds

1988-1993 (Worldwide)

With A/C and manual trans: 2,330 pounds


8V: 120 pounds

16V: 160 pounds


020: 75 pounds


Front bucket seat: 35 pounds

Front sport bucket with height adjust: 37 pounds

Rear seat: ?

Body Parts

North American aluminum bumper (solid brackets): 22 pounds

North American bumper over-rider: 5 pounds

Clipper kit front bumper: 41 pounds

Clipper kit rear bumper: 46 pounds

Clipper kit side skirts (pair): 5.5 pounds

Clipper kit fender flares (set): 5 pounds

Convertible top & frame: ?

Shell, as depicted here: 950 pounds

Full Tank of Fuel

10.6 gallons: 67 pounds

13.8 gallons: 87 pounds

Towing Specifications

The following information is what Volkswagen stipulated when these cars were new (i.e. before their warranties ran out).  Tow at your own risk.

Flat-towing Your Cabriolet

  • Transmission must be in neutral
  • Do not exceed:
  • Manual transmission: 50mph, or exceed 50 miles in towing distance
  • Auto transmission: 30mph, or exceed 30 miles in towing distance
  • Tow bars may damage Cabriolets with the Clipper kit
  • Be wary of the locking steering column

If towing long-distance or if the limits must be exceeded, use a tow dolly or flatbed, especially if the car has an automatic transmission.  Failure to do so could result in damage to the automatic transmission.

Towing Your Cabriolet on a Tow Dolly

  • Front wheels must be on the dolly (do not tow the car backwards!)
  • Transmission should be in neutral

Towing with Your Cabriolet

Volkswagen recommends that you not use your Cabriolet as a tow vehicle.  If you must use your Cabriolet as a tow vehicle, Volkwagen stipulates the following:

  • Do not exceed 1000 pounds in trailer weight.
  • Do not exceed 165 pounds in tongue weight.
  • Using a trailer with trailer brakes is advised for safety reasons.

Tow hitch suppliers:


JC Whitney

For comparison purposes: Original Euro, no frills GTI hard-top weighed 1850 lbs.; USA no frills GTI weighed 2011 lbs.